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Do you require custom tube and core manufacturing? At Callenor Company, Inc., making an order on personalized packaging, mailing, and shipping tubes and cores is easier for companies and individuals to get the exact products they need. We can make a variety of custom cut notches, slots, holes, and angles in the paper cores, point of purchase display poles, and mailing tubes you purchase. Protective packaging is more successful when you get the exact angles, slots, holes, and notches cut in the material you’re shipping your items in. Custom cut manufacturing on miscellaneous and specialty applications is your key to supplying a safe and damage-free travel for your deliveries around the United States.



Specialty Operations and Custom Paperboard PackagingIf you’re looking for custom cut slots, angles, notches, and holes in materials other than paperboard, reach out to Callenor Company, Inc. today for more information on our plastic tubes and cardboard cores cutting services. Every cut made in our tubes and cores are pre-planned and precise.

By doing so, we guarantee you will have your order completed quickly and on time, no matter what custom packaging methods you call for. Shipping a set of fragile products? Mailing a collection of medical supplies? Callenor Company, Inc. has the custom manufacturing capabilities to cut your tubes and cores how you order them.

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These Applications

 Industrial Packaging Components

Paint Masking Tubes

Thread Protectors

Skid or Carton Support Tubes

Concrete Forms


And More!

 Callenor manufactures and supplies customized paperboard products with ultra-fast turnaround times. If your business knows you could be getting better service, more dependable paper tubes and poles, but aren't entirely sure Callenor can supply the exact product you need for a better rate, give us a quick call and we will give you an accurate quote even quicker than you can dial us! 262.252.3343




Since all tubes and cores are made with a precise inside diameter, plus wall thickness and length, all we need is your quantity range to estimate the best pricing on your quote. Our pricing is always completed on the same day to help facilitate faster reaction times so your delivery can be shipped quicker for your convenience. Have any special tolerance specifications? No problem – just let us know before we start manufacturing your order! Our fully computerized quoting system allows for fast, accurate, and consistent pricing. Thinking of ordering with Callenor Company, Inc.? Today’s the day to get a fast, free quote. After all, Callenor does things right.

When ordering custom cut shipping, mailing, and packaging products from Callenor Company, Inc., it’s easy to see why we’re the best paper tubes and cores manufacturing company in the country. The notches, holes, slots, and angles we engineer in our products are always created exactly as our customers direct us. Have any questions regarding our custom cut manufacturing of display poles, shipping, packaging, and mailing tubes and cores? Give us a call at (262) 252-3343! You may be used to using cardboard, but only Callenor Company, Inc. has the custom cut manufacturing options you need for tubes and cores.

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