End Closures

If you’re shipping bars and rods or poles and other products, you want the superb protection of paper tube end closures (also commonly known as plastic end caps). Their ability to keep your mailing and packaging tubes sealed shut and protected is impressive. At Callenor Company, Inc., we carry a number of end closures for sale.

Callenor Company, Inc. Is THE National Supplier of Plastic End Caps

Snap Lock Tubing End Closures for Sale

At Callenor Company, Inc., the snap lock tube is an inexpensive packaging, mailing, and shipping solution. Snap locks are for sale with pre-folded or pinched ends and are typically supplied with one end closed and the other end pre-folded and re-opened for the fulfillment process.

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Snap Lock

Curled End Mailing Tubes

From Callenor Company, Inc.

Whether you need shipping, packaging, or mailing tubes and cores, curled ends offer a uniquely styled closure. This type of tube closure is turned back into itself to offer a double wall ring in an effort to prevent posters and calendars from sliding out. This low cost solution is a great option for unique applications being directly mailed.

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Curled end

Plastic End Caps for Paper Shipping & Packaging Tubes

When you are looking for completely closed off tubes, plastic end caps from Callenor Company, Inc. are your best bet. You can keep your shipment clean with this cost effective and presentable end closure option for packaging, shipping, and mailing tubes.

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Plastic end caps

End Closures at Callenor Company, Inc.:

Self-Locking Metal Ends

Whenever shipping, mailing, or packaging heavier items, you might be surprised you can do it so well with spiral wound paperboard. At Callenor Company, Inc., we suggest a thicker metal wall to help keep your products from falling out of your tubes. These closures are so heavy duty, they need to be installed with a mallet or hammer. Choose paper tubes and metal ends to save money today!

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Self Locking

Make Mailing, Packaging, & Shipping Efficient

Wood Plug End Closures

When real tough applications need to be shipped, the wood plugs at Callenor Company, Inc. are offered for telescopic mailing, packaging, and shipping tubes. See our selection of wood plugs to view what is available for immediate shipment.

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Wood plug

Callenor Company, Inc. Supplies Seamed on Metal Ends

for Your Cardboard & Paper Tubes

Seamed on metal ends are offered for telescopic mailing tubes. Either 2 or 3 piece telescoping tubes provide a very durable and easy to re-use container. The most advanced option of those listed, seamed on metal ends help protect shipping, packaging, and mailing products during delivery!

Not looking for shipping & packaging tubes & cores? Buy the best end closures for sale from Callenor Company, Inc.!

Seamed on Metal ends



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