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Shipping & Packaging materials for your manufacturing application

Our strong and sturdy mailing tubes will assure that your mailing piece will arrive in great shape. Our tubes have delivered millions of mailings over the years without crushing or bending.

Display Poles
Paperboard tubes & cores

Callenor has been recognized as the supplier of choice for paper display poles. We ship poles across the country for a wide variety of projects and applications. If your display design requires a pole for support or to hold a sign, please give us a call or contact us.

Paper Cores
& Specialty Operations
Specialty cardboard display poles, paper tubes and cores

Our concern for quality assures dependable crush resistant cores. We take pride in producing cores to your exact specifications. Whether you are using a longer saw cut core or a precision knife cut core, you will be pleased with our products.



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Spiral Wound Paperboard Packaging Tubes, & Display Poles

Best Large Shipping Containers and Label Cores – and it’s NOT Cardboard!

The leading manufacturer of high-quality display poles, shipping tubes, mailing tubes, packaging containers and cores doesn’t even work with cardboard. Callenor Company, Inc. specializes in supplying American companies with high quantity orders of recycled spiral wound paperboard products. This material has an impressive strength, and the products we make from it are offered at competitive prices. When shipments arrive, our customers are always surprised by the quality of this cardboard shipping, mailing, and packaging alternative.

When we manufacture our spiral wound paperboard products, your job gets easier. The Callenor Company, Inc. structure is designed to benefit businesses and establishments looking to order low and high quantity, cardboard quality packaging solutions. Our paperboard products cover a striking range of uses for companies in every industry. Whether you need retail point-of-purchase display poles or end closures for shipping containers, paperboard tubes and cores from Callenor Company, Inc. do the job just as well as cardboard tubes and cores and cost less, effectively boosting your profit margins.

Display Poles for Sale: Build Eye-Catching Retail Point of Purchase Systems with Tubes from Callenor Company, Inc.

As one of the nation’s leading suppliers of display poles for over half a century, Callenor Company, Inc. remains dedicated to providing you with the single length and multi-sectional poles you’re looking for. Our capabilities have your spiral wound paperboard display poles wrapped in kraft, white and black litho, stock colors, stock gold and silver foil, or any other PMS color at your request. With high-quality tubes from Callenor, having the best retail point-of-purchase systems takes little to no effort.

Specialty Requirements: Looking for other services? At Callenor Company, Inc., our specialty applications allow us to cut slots, notches, holes, and angles through the different products you may desire. Customizing your display poles, packaging, mailing, and shipping tubes will be effortless when you choose Callenor Company, Inc.

Overpriced, underperforming cardboard tubes got you down? Place your next order for display poles & tubes with Callenor Company, Inc.

Mailing, Packaging, & Shipping Tubes: Wholesale and Bulk Available

At Callenor Company, Inc., the packaging, shipping, and mailing tubes are the best value going. We don’t make our products cheaply because our customers deserve the highest quality available. However, considering the outrageously high quality of our products, you simply will not find better prices. Snap locks, wood plugs, and self-locking metal, seamed on, plastic, and curled ends are all available, as well as custom made paperboard tubes. If you are looking for a wholesale or bulk order, Callenor Company, Inc. is your best option for competitive deals.

Maximize profitability with packaging, mailing, & shipping paperboard tubes from Callenor.

Best Protective Packaging Methods and Techniques for Steel Bar Products

When steel bars and other important products need to be shipped, protecting them can be tricky. (Especially on strict budgets.) Today, the best steel bar packaging solutions available are paperboard tubes and collars from Callenor Company, Inc. When you can’t afford to have your product damaged during shipment, you can count on the paper packaging methods developed by Callenor to keep your product safe in transit. Not only do they do a better job of protecting than generic stock competitors, their reasonable pricing helps your company stay profitable.     

The Callenor Company provides superior, cost-effective steel bar packaging products.

Control Corrosion During Transit with VpCI™ Lined Paper Shipping Tubes

VpCI™ stands for Vapor Phase Corrosion Inhibitor, which is virtually synonymous with the shorter version VCI (Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors). Keeping your products protected is as easy as choosing a non-toxic, dry, and environmentally safe package like this. Our VpCI™ Lined Paper Shipping Tubes feature tried and true VCI corrosion protection to help keep dry and oiled metals free of water contamination during transit. Many customers strongly prefer the protection these tubes offer, especially for export shipments requiring some “extra” corrosion protection.

Contact Callenor for the best VCI corrosion protected custom tubes available in the U.S. 

Leave Cardboard in the Dust: Order from the Best Paperboard Tube and Core Manufacturer

The tape and label industry relies on Callenor Company, Inc. as the best cardboard cores manufacturer (even though it’s not really cardboard!) because of our dedication to developing the best solutions for enhancing your business. If you’re already excelling in your market, switching from more expensive, lower quality paper tubes and cores to paperboard tubes and cores made by Callenor will help you do even better. Looking to ramp up your budget? The competitive prices on our paper cores and mailing tubes will give you the flexibility you need. 

High quality paperboard cores & mailing tubes from Callenor set the standard. 

End Closures & Caps for Cardboard Quality Spiral Wound Paperboard Tubes

Cardboard was surpassed by paperboard in 1817. With all the change over the past 200 years, you’d think cardboard would finally be out of the market, but it’s still holding on. The Callenor Company, Inc. is committed to converting cardboard holdouts to our packaging, shipping, and mailing tubes. Once you’ve discovered the advantages of paperboard, you can choose between a number of end closures and caps for your tubes.

Callenor Company, Inc.’s range of end closures and caps reflect a worldwide movement away from cardboard. Let go of the past and make the switch to spiral wound paperboard tubes, enclosures and caps from Callenor. 

  • Plastic
  • Snap Lock
  • Curled
  • Self-Locking Metal
  • Wood Plugs
  • Inverted Metal
  • Seamed on Metal
Whether you are working with another paper tubes supplier or not, you owe it to yourself to learn more about the  best end closures & caps.


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