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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to frequently asked questions about our products and services.

Products & Services

  • How do you make a Paper Core or Tube?

    Please see the complete process in our How Callenor Manufactures video.

  • What sizes of Paper Cores and Tubes can you produce?

    Inside Diameters range from .375” to 12.625”

    Wall Thickness ranges from .030” to .500”

    Length can range from .250” to 52’

  • Can you make Convolute Paper Tubes?

    Sorry. We specialize in the production of spirally wound paper tubes and cores. We do not have the equipment necessary for the convolute process.

  • What is a mandrel?

    A mandrel is a steel bar that is used to create or form the exact inside diameter of the tube or core.

  • How long have you been in business?

    Our company was established in 1950. We have specialized in manufacturing paper tubes and cores for decades.

  • What are your company lead times?

    Normal lead times are currently 5-7 business days; with faster rush service available when necessary.

  • Do you have a price list for your products?

    Because all of our products are made to our customer’s specifications, and each order is different; we do not have a price list. We will gladly prepare a quote based upon your requirements if you contact us.

  • Do you have any paper tubes in stock ready for immediate shipment?

    We do have some common sizes of certain tubes in stock. Please contact us today!