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The Midwest's Leader of Spiral Wound Paperboard Packaging Supplies Since 1950

Callenor in Menomonee Falls, WI

Since its inception in 1950, the Callenor Company has been a leader in the paper tube and core industry for more than six decades. Located in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin just west of Milwaukee on the shores of Lake Michigan, Callenor began with a steadfast family commitment to be the best paper core and tube supplier in the Midwest. In addition to the Menomonee Falls location, the Callenor Company has a comprehensive manufacturing facility in the Minneapolis Market. LCH Packaging is located in Burnsville, Minnesota. It is equipped with the newest high-speed equipment available. Each member of our staff understands that without our customers, Callenor would not exist. That’s why we are intensely dedicated to fast service, precision quality, and great prices. The result of this dedication is reflected in all of our products.

All of our cores and tubes are spirally wound. We produce tubes from 3/8” inside diameters to over 12 5/8” inside diameters. Wall thicknesses up to a half inch are common. Core lengths are limited only by their ability to fit inside an over-the-road van trailer. Manufacturing spiral-wound cores is a remarkable process. The process begins with jumbo rolls of paper delivered to our plant by the truckload. And being independent means we are not owned by one of the massive paper conglomerates which allows us to acquire paper—anywhere—at the best market price. In addition, ample warehousing space allows us to take advantage of superior buys on paperboard, which helps insulate our customers from the frequent price fluctuations we see in the market. Once the paperboards rolls are slit to the exact sizes, they are loaded poker chip style at each machine. Our machine operators are highly skilled industry craftsmen with decades of experience. Before production begins, all specifications are reviewed. We start with the inside diameter of the core. A solid tapered steel bar or mandrel is used to create the exact inside diameter. Next, the desired wall thickness is created. Since paperboard thicknesses tend to vary between mills, we take extra care in selecting the proper number of plies and thicknesses to provide the consistent wall thickness our customers are looking for.

Taking Our Process to the NEXT Level

Our plants use fully enclosed glue systems. The glue is pumped to each of our plant’s winders. All plies continue through our lane guide system to ensure precise placement around the mandrel. A large industrial belt is used to pull all the plies over the mandrel. When the motors are given power to drive the belt, all the plies come together with tremendous pressure, and due to the spiral nature, the core begins to grow. Having established the paper core’s inside diameter and wall thickness, the core’s length increases until we make the proper cut-off based on what we need to achieve. Our operators make sure the cut-off length is adjusted to exact specification. We then monitor the size of the product and package the cores to each customer’s specifications. Packaging is an important part of our operation because each of our customers utilize the cores we produce in their own unique applications. Most of our customers like pole skids wrapped in stretch film, although some prefer bundles on skids. We can even nest the cores to save floor space. Of course, our shortest cores are usually packed in cartons.

To ensure consistent and dependable quality, while offering products made to our customers’ exact specifications, we do a wide variety of quality control testing and inspections. All paperboard materials are visually tested to make certain the paper used in our products reflects the high standard we set. Our dedicated, experienced employees have great pride in the products they produce. And that pride translates into consistent quality every time for our customers.

Our company’s products are used for a wide variety of applications:

Why the Strongest + the Sturdiest = the One and Only Callenor

Our strong and sturdy mailing tubes will assure your mailing piece will arrive in great shape. While craft tubes are practical and the least expensive, we do offer white litho wrap, stock color, silver or gold foil, and PMS color wrap tubes for jobs that require special appeal. We also offer many end closure options. The snap lock tube is very inexpensive and provided with pre-folded or pinched ends. The curled end offers a very unique style of paper tube end. The end of the tube is actually turned back into itself offering a double wall ring around the tube end preventing a poster or calendar from sliding out. The plastic ends are the most common type of mailing tube closure. They are a cost effective solution and provide a total closure with a neat appearance. When shipping heavier items, we suggest a greater wall thickness and self-locking metal end, a great option for heavier parts. Wooden plugs are available for especially tough jobs. Seamed on metal ends, offered for our telescopic mailing tubes, available in 2 or 3-piece designs are renowned for their durability. See our website for our stock list of mailing tubes available for immediate shipment.

Our attention to quality ensures dependable crush resistant cores. We take pride in producing cores to your exact specifications. We supply millions of cores used in the Tape and Label Industry and offer these products with exceptionally fast service for those short turn-around orders. Callenor has been recognized as the supplier of choice for paper display poles. We offer single length poles or multi-sectional poles. Our joiners are made to exact tolerances so they offer a tight fit. We can wrap your poles with Kraft, white litho, stock colors, stock gold or silver foil, or any PMS color you require. Our poles are ideal for all your point of purchase needs.

Major Supplier of Paper Tubing: from Menomonee Falls, WI Directly to YOU, Anywhere in the U.S. & Canada

We are also a major supplier of paper tubing for the steel bar industry. We run wax lined paper tubes or silicone lined paper tubes for extra protection. Many customers choose to have a company name, logo, and phone number printed on the tube for product identification. Conversely, some are color coated for quick size recognition. Wax lined paper collars are kept in stock for most of the common bar sizes and are ready for immediate shipment. All we need are your specifications and quantity range so a same-day quote can be generated to expedite orders more efficiently at the best price. Our service offerings are the best in the industry. One week lead times are customary, with faster service offered on urgent orders at no additional charge. One competitive advantage that allows us to guarantee such fast service is that we use our very own fleet of over the road tractors and trailers so when we run your order it is usually placed directly into a trailer headed to your neighborhood for delivery.

Callenor and LCH Packaging are earth-friendly companies. You’ll be happy to know that all of our products are made from recycled paperboard and that the finished product can also be recycled as well. We currently have two locations to best serve our customers in the Midwest and beyond. With our service-with-a-smile attitude, you’ll be glad you contacted us. Just give us a call, email, fax, or stop in. We will truly appreciate the opportunity to serve you no matter what your question or application may be. You can be assured our high quality standards mean precision products made to your exact specifications, the first time, and with every repeat order. Choose the Callenor company or LCH Packaging and enjoy peace of mind knowing that your order will be on time, in spec, and all at an exceptional value.

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