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Recognized as the best choice supplier of display poles for years, Callenor Company, Inc. has helped companies get their products displayed in outlet and retail stores across America. On a regular basis, marketing and signage companies building retail store displays for big-name brands will approach us with a need for thousands of specific display pole units. We then serve up a fast, free quote, guaranteeing our unbeatable quality products paired with rock-solid turnaround times.

Point of Purchase Display Poles

from the Premier Supplier Callenor Company, Inc.

Point of Purchase Display PolesWhen your display poles are made with the tolerances of Callenor’s spiral wound paperboard, you open up an array of marketing and advertising possibilities. With budget-friendly manufacturing and a versatile surface, paperboard from Callenor utilizes a simple and effective structure with virtually limitless color options. If you want to catch the eye of passing consumers in the retail and outlet store in which you are placing your point of purchase display poles, the display poles from Callenor Company, Inc. are simply unparalleled in performance. Not only do we improve the effectiveness of your point of purchase displays, but our high speed winding equipment allows us to offer competitive prices on display poles as well. In many cases, the best prices we have on display poles are enough to offset shipping costs to distant locations!

While many display pole providers waste their time on subpar, overpriced cardboard packaging products for their clients, we have focused our attention on the latest and most effective spiral wound material for display poles. Sure, we’re biased in considering ourselves to be the “it girl” of the packaging tubes world. It’s 100% true—and has been for decades—our paperboard is officially in. By choosing Callenor’s display poles, you are automatically enhancing the potential effectiveness and reach of your point of purchase displays (also commonly referred to as POP displays). With Callenor Company, Inc., your point of purchase displays can only improve.

Order Single Length &

Multi-Sectional Display Poles in Bulk

At Callenor Company, Inc., we take pride in the selection we offer our customers. We don’t restrict you to any one type of display poles. With single length and multi-sectional display poles for sale, you can buy the exact tubes you’re looking for in the small or bulk amounts you need. When your display poles arrive, you’ll use our joiners to create your structure. Thanks to our joiners’ tight tolerances, you will have a structurally sound and stable pole display for consumers to view. Once it’s put together, the display will be set!

Display poles are meant to sell products. You can’t rely on generic cardboard to do the same job for you as our customized paperboard display will. In fact, the main reason they wouldn’t work is merely because their functions don’t match up with marketing in retail and outlet stores. Our point being, any time you combine Callenor manufacturing with marketing, advertising, mailing, shipping, or packaging products, you get quality that cannot be surpassed. Order paperboard display poles from Callenor Company, Inc. to open your budget and options—AND get the best material available for point of purchase displays!

The best display poles manufacturer never uses cardboard & neither should you!



Whenever a product is on display, you want it to be the center of attention. When you choose Callenor’s display poles as your base material for point of purchase displays, you have a greater chance of getting your products noticed. At Callenor Company, Inc., we have the ability to wrap your poles with kraft, white or black litho, Barber poles, stock gold or silver foil, or any PMS color you require. We select our colors from the Pantone Matching System color chart, so you can pretty much have any colored display poles for catching consumers’ eyes: black, blue, green, orange, pink, purple, red, white, yellow—you name the color the display poles need to be, any quantity, and we’ll make it happen.

Our Display Poles Can Be Manufactured with Holes, Notches, Slots or Other Misc. Specialty Configurations!

If you need a hole drilled or a slot or notch installed in your bulk order of tubes, the best time to accomplish this, we’ve found, is during production. When ordering display poles from Callenor Company, Inc., you can submit a drawing or sketch along with the job and we’ll supply the most up-to-date price quotation. By knowing what you specifically want ahead of time, we successfully plan for any cutting we may need to do to better customize your product.

With Callenor Company, Inc., you will be ordering the best display poles in bulk without wasting profits. It doesn’t matter if you need paperboard display poles, corrugated tubes, post tubes, kraft paper tubes, poster holder tubes, or heavy duty mailing tubes, our supply of packaging and display supplies are the best on the market. If you’re still using or thinking of ordering from someone else, forget it—no one else has the same caliber paperboard to catch the eye of consumers who want to buy your products!

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