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Paperboard surpassed cardboard in 1817. We are committed to converting cardboard holdouts to our packaging, shipping, and mailing tubes. Once you’ve discovered the advantages of paperboard, you can choose between a number of end closures and caps for your tubes.

Make the switch to spiral wound paperboard tubes, enclosures, and caps from Callenor.

  • Plastic Ends
  • Snap-lock Tubes
  • Curled Ends
  • Self-lock metal ends

Whether you are working with another paper tube supplier or not, you owe it to yourself to learn more about the best end closures and caps Callenor has to offer!

Our products

Display Poles
Display poles

Retail Display Poles

Whether you need single length or multi-sectional poles we are able to supply your needs.

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Paper Cores
Paper cores

Paper Cores

Callenor’s use of laser technology has allowed us to become one of the best paper core manufacturers and suppliers in the United States.

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