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Wax and Silicon Lined Bar Packaging Products

As one of the best steel bar packaging suppliers in the country, Callenor provides custom manufactured products. Wax and silicon lined tubes and/or collars add even more protective qualities to help protect your product. Here at Callenor, we keep the most common sizes of wax collars in stock and can have your order to you within a few business days. Since we are a job shop, we can always produce sizes based on your particular specifications which we will ship within 5 business days.

Callenor Puts Other Cardboard Metal Bar Packaging to Shame

Callenor gives you different sizes and lengths to choose from no matter what type of steel bar you need packaged. We can even print your company’s name, logo, contact information, and address on your tubes. Whether its aluminum, copper, steel, or zinc – we can produce tubes specifically for you!

Our products

Display Poles
Display poles

Retail Display Poles

Whether you need single length or multi-sectional poles we are able to supply your needs.

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Paper Cores
Paper cores

Paper Cores

Callenor’s use of laser technology has allowed us to become one of the best paper core manufacturers and suppliers in the United States.

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