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The Midwest’s Leader of Spiral Wound Paperboard Packaging Supplies Since 1950

We are a job shop and all of our products are made to our customer’s unique specifications. All we need is the quantity range you are looking for as well as key specs such as inner diameter, wall thickness, and lengths to estimate the best price and provide you with a quote. As an independent manufacturer, we are able to source our paper from anywhere at the best market price. Today’s the day to get a fast, free quote.

The fact Callenor is an independent manufacturer means we are not owned by the over-priced, over-sized paper conglomerates out there. This allows us to acquire paper—anywhere—at the best market price. On top of that, ample warehousing space lets Callenor take advantage of superior buys on material, eliminating the frequent price fluctuations seen in the paperboard industry.

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